Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Hectic Week

This past Monday I started a new job - Edward Jones - and have been studying for the Series 7 exam (12+ hours a day). Leilani has been very sweet and supportive. She is committed to helping me be successful with Edward Jones, and for that I am indebted to working towards improving the quality of our life together.

Today, it was just a Leilani and Shawn day - spending quality time together. I told her this week Sunday was all hers, and we really enjoyed the day. We went to look for her a nice camera to use in an art class she's taking. Cameras are not cheap...especially the kind she was looking for. I did happen to take a look at some HDTV's while at Best Buy and Sears. Now, I am sure everybody knows how expensive the suckers can be. I am also sure with a few new 100k Edward Jones accounts signed up I would be able to swing it. Well, that is the plan. Anyway, I am committed to being flexible with work and my family time. Thus, I may work 70 hours a week with EDJ, but I will always make time for my penguin and Bushy a.k.a Bully.

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