Thursday, November 10, 2011

Datin' my Hubbs

At our friends' Georgia wedding.
Love it.

Love datin' my Hubbs.

   Last week we had a really good conversation about what we wanted out of our marriage. The previous week had been stressful, kind of tired of each other, but couldn't be apart from each other all the same. So on the way to the beach, we had this really raw conversation with tears (well, just me) about how we wished  we made each other feel, and vise versa. He told me what he wants from a wife and I listened. And I told him how I had been feeling.
   The point of all this is that we were due for some tune-ups. It's almost two years, now and we wanna make to sixty. I want to be his dream wife, and I want him to be all I ever wanted in a man. So with some communication, we can be those things for each other. We just have to remember to impress each other, like as if we were on a date.

 In fact, we've got a date to the movies tonight...I'm so excited...what should I wear?

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