Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Start with Craigslist-" How we met:

    No, we didn't actually answer a "seeking" ad. I answered a roomate ad. I was living in Athens, Ga. when I decided to move to North Carolina to pursue furniture design or furniture whatever. I thought I'd start with woodworking. After many internet searches and scanning the back of Fine Woodworking I decided to really look into Rockingham Community College's woodworking program. After a few phone calls and on-line galleries I decided to go for it. North Carolina was supposed to be where it was at for furniture.....(supposed to be, but that's another blog).
   About craigslist....I looked at roommate ads, and emailed three people. I drove up to Greensboro (the largest city in theTriad, close to RCC). The apartment I liked the best was that of Brian Gilles. It was downtown (walk to the nightlife), and it was old (character). I moved up, moved in, and a couple weeks later met Shawn. Brian met Shawn through a friend from school who worked with Shawn at the Marriott. We went out, sang karaeoke (Love is a Battlefield, Take me Home Tonight) for a couple of Tuesday nights and realized we were having lots of fun......three years later we still are.
    Something drew me to this area, to that apartment. His name is Shawn :).

Shawn & Brian singing
Happy to be Stuck with you

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